Weapons training is an essential part of the Nanshaolin Wuzuquan curriculum.  Weapons training consist of forms and application (partner/group drills and weapons sparring).  The speed, precision, strength and agility developed throu3gh weapons training will have profound benefits for any martial artist’s overall proficiency.

Nan Shaolin Wuzuquan has long, mid and short range weapons.  Students can expect to learn a wide ranging curriculum including:-

  • Broadsword (Dao)
  • Straight sword (Jian)
  • Butterfly Knives (Zimudao)
  • Spear (Qiang)
  • Cudgel (Gun) – long pole
  • Cane (Pian)
  • Sai (Shuangchai)
  • Fan
  • Opium pipe
  • Tong fa
  • Tiger fork
  • Quandao
  • Pian ta (peddlar’s cudgel)
  • Monk’s spade
  • Bench

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