Grandmaster Han Kim Sen

grandmaster-hanGrandmaster Han Kim Sen

(Shigong Kim Sen Han aka: Han Jin Yuan)

Shigong Han is a 10th Dan of the Chee Kim Thong (aka; Xu Jin Dong) branch of Nan Shaolin Wuzuquan (Southern Shaolin 5 Ancestors Fist). He is the only senior master in Europe and is authorised by the International Wuzuquan Union in China.

A brief overview of his involvement in Martial Arts and Wuzuquan…

Shigong Han was born in Singapore in 1940 just before the Japanese occupation. He is indebted to Grandmaster Ye Qing Hai (aka Yap Ching Hai) whose knowledge of Wuzuquan and advice helped him to develop his understanding of the art but most importantly for introducing him to Shizu Xu Jin Dong (aka Chee Kim Thong).

His education in Martial Arts began at the age of twelve when his late father taught him a Southern Chinese Martial Arts system and when he was thirteen he took up Judo for three years. One day, when he was in his early teens, he witnessed a fight in school that changed his whole outlook on Traditional Chinese Martial Arts.  It was a friend of his who had no martial arts training that easily defeated his opponent who had been training for fifteen years by simply kicking him in the groin.  Shigong Han decided then that he needed to practice free sparring in order to develop his reactions so he took up Taekwondo to gain experience in and to improve his free sparring.  He studied this for eight years, teaching it for the last five of those years.  However, he eventually reached a stage where Taekwondo was unable to offer him anything more which led him to study the Wu family Taijiquan.

In 1972, he took his family back to visit his in-laws in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia. During the course of a conversation with his late father in-law, he mentioned that he was interested in learning a good, traditional Chinese Martial Arts system.  Without any hesitation he arranged for him to meet his neighbour Mr.Ye Qing Hai.  He met Mr.Ye (his Shixiong, or “elder brother”) and a few days later he introduced him to his master Shizu Xu Jin Dong. From that day he never looked back as he had found what he had been searching for.

Early in 1973, he took a month’s annual leave to travel to Malaysia and train all day, six days a week with Shizu Xu.  He taught and explained the heart of the Wuzuquan system to him.  In 1974, he started the first overseas Wuzuquan School in the United Kingdom and was appointed Chief Instructor.  Over the next three decades, Shizu Xu continued to teach him Wuzuquan and in addition taught him Wuqi, Wuxing Palm, Luohan Ru Yi Quan, the 18 Lohans, a Northern System, and the 108 Drunken Monkey system consisting of eight characters of which he completed four.

Shizu Xu kindly agreed that he would come to the UK and Shigong Han would go to Malaysia the following year to train with him.  In 1976, Shizu Xu came to visit Shigong Han in the UK for the second time.

Shigong Han felt privileged to be taught and trained by such a Master.  Shizu Xu would make them train and repeat Sanzhan over and over again until he understood the meaning of internal power and softness.

He explained and demonstrated the Wuzu principles in great detail to him.

In 1978, Shizu Xu visited Shigong Han in the UK for the fourth time.

In 1980, the UK school participated in the 4th South East Asian Sanshou Championship and one of Shigong Han’s students, Phillip Ennis won a gold medal in the middleweight category.  Two years later in the 5th South East Asian Sanshou Championship held in Hong Kong, Linden Stephens won a silver medal for the heavyweight category.

In 1985, Shigong Han was appointed the National Wushu Coach for Great Britain and remained in that post until 1993 when he retired. During this period, Great Britain had a very successful Wushu team and consistently won multiple gold, silver and bronze medals at every European Wushu Championship.  In 1988, at the 3rd International Wushu Championship held in Hangzhou, one of the team members, Wu Shu Kin, won a Gold medal for Spear (men) and a female member, Laychan Thoong, won 3 Bronze medals. The team also won a Gold medal in the exhibition event.

The above is a modified extract, taken with Shigong Han’s permission from his first book about Wuzuquan called “Fundamentals of Nan Shaolin Wuzuquan”.

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